Raptors News · Athletic Department Fan Angel Fundraiser!

Hello Raptors Athletic Department Families!

Raising funds is important and required to run first class, high quality high school athletic programs. To this end we have been incredibly successful this year in raising funds that will support all athletes and students with our new weight room renovations.  Fundraising takes a lot of effort and buy-in from everyone including students, families, communities and coaches. To help us continue our fundraising efforts, we are introducing an online fundraising platform called FanAngel. This new venture will minimize our efforts and maximize our gains.

After our successful fundraising campaign for the weight room, our new funds will be allocated towards continued improvements throughout our campus.  We will be focusing on softball and baseball field improvements, cardio equipment, training room supplies and replacement of aging indoor and outdoor equipment. These are costs that would not be fully covered by our school and/or district. Together we want to provide our kids with the best possible athletic facilities.  

To be successful, we need your help. Each family is asked to do their small part to make this fundraising program a success. It takes EVERYONE’S participation to make it work.

Here’s what you do:

  • Collect a minimum of 20 (or more) quality email addresses and/or cell phone numbers for text messages of your student’s biggest supporters from around the country. Your student’s fundraising goal is $150.
  • Visit the 2-minute video tutorial to help set up your student’s FanAngel Account at https://pages.fanangel.com/how-to-share
  • Create your student’s account, upload/take a selfie photo, and enter your 20+ email and numbers at: 


Please do not share the above URL – it is to only be used to create your student’s profile. Once your student’s profile has been completed, an email will be sent that includes a link to a PDF of a printable flyer with their personalized URL. The URL is what you will use to share your student’s profile. The printable flyer allows participants to go to businesses or neighbors and it still tracks to their individual goals.  This is really handy if you do not feel comfortable with entering email or numbers…but still want to participate.

Things parents should know about our fundraiser on FanAngel:

  1. Once your student has created their profile, enter email addresses and cell phone numbers into the queue; they will be sent at a later date once we get everyone entered.
  2. FanAngel uses the industry’s most secure privacy and protection standards. Email and phone numbers are never shared or sold.
  3. FanAngel’s automation system will send supporters up to three reminders after launch: one after 3 days, one after 10 days, and lastly 4 days prior to the end of the campaign. When the supporter has donated, they will not receive additional reminders. Please know that the supporter has the ability to unsubscribe at any time.
  4. After 7 days, if there seems to be something wrong with an email address (mistyped, junk folder, etc), you will receive a notification with a reminder to reach out directly to the supporter (we suggest to forward the email from your personal account and/or call/text the supporter).
  5. When donors visit the page, they will see the student’s individual goal in a separate area of the team goal. Individual goals will initially show $150 and will be automatically increased up to 100% when their initial goal has been met. This staged goal has been shown to increase online fundraising results.

We understand that creating your supporter list can sometimes feel difficult. Please use the following suggestion list to help find quality supporters who both have the desire and means to support our program. If you’re not sure if someone would be interested, we recommend to still add them – you’ll be surprised who is happy to support us.

Donor Idea List

  • Family Friends
  • Grandmother/Grandfather, Great Grandparents
  • Aunts/Uncles, Great Aunts/Uncles
  • Community contacts: doctors, dentists, lawyers
  • Cousins
  • Neighbors
  • Family Co-workers
  • Church & Social Friends
  • Parent’s Best Friends
  • Parent’s Alumni friends
  • **We highly suggest to, please, not include Teachers and Student Peers.

Direct Donation Link:  https://stvrain.revtrak.net/High-Schools-1143/silver-creek-hs/schs-athletic-donations/#/f/schs-athletic-department-donation