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Raptors News · Farewell Silver Creek…I’m Gonna Miss Ya

As you may/may not have heard, I’ve decided to resign from my position at Silver Creek. I was offered and have accepted the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director position at Horizon High School.

Five years ago, there was an interview committee of about 50 people (okay, maybe only 15) that met me for the first time. For some reason, they took a chance on a guy who came to Silver Creek with no Assistant Principal or Athletic Director experience.

What many people may not know is that I drive 40 minutes to and from school each day. Over the years, this has really taken a toll because I always strive to be the best Assistant Principal/Athletic Director and father that I can be. By accepting the position at Horizon, not only will I be able to give back to the community that made me the person that I am (I graduated from Horizon), but I’ll also be closer to my kids.

From the graduates of five years ago to the Freshmen today, I’ll never forget you. It’s been an absolute blast supporting your pursuit of athletic and academic excellence. I’ll never forget my very first year when the football team won the State Championship. We had our pep rally to show our excitement, but the excitement was “stolen” by one individual, Wes Summers. For those of you that don’t know, Wes was a Silver Creek student with a disability. He was given an “Everyday Hero Award” and had no idea it was coming. He was so excited that he ran laps around the gym giving everyone he could high fives and jumping into student’s arms. Or the time when I brought my five year-old son Easton to a wrestling match and he was given a singlet. All he wanted to do was be a Silver Creek wrestler. Or the time that our student section “stormed the field”, only to take a picture with the student section from Skyline. Then there was the time, just this year, when our fans formed two lines and clapped as the Fort Morgan football team walked off the field after a hard fought game with us. There were all of those Boys and Girls Swim Conference Championships where I had the honor of jumping into the pool with the teams to celebrate the victory (along with my own kids). There were the visits to Children’s Hospital when a handful of you guys would go down with me to do crafts for kids, and then we’d stop at Which Wich and have dinner together. And when I’d send out a tweet before the start of a play to invite students to have dinner with my daughter and me and then take in the play together. And who would’ve thought that about ten of you guys would actually show up?

I’ll never forget walking the practice fields just to say “hi” and see that you all were doing okay. And how we would congregate around “my” golf cart to just talk and take the time to share stories. All the concerts, musicals, plays and Royal Madrigals that gave me the chance to witness your talent but also have a “Daddy Daughter Date Night” with my little girl. I’ll never forget eating dinner with the Boys Golf team at the Italian Underground, in Glenwood Springs because that’s where my high school coach took me when I was young. The softball team being told they had to lay down and “roll the field” because it was wet, and then they proceeded to lay down and roll around in the dirt. Being there to see you when you won and cheer you on when you lost. All the “Signing Days” and the cake that nobody would eat. But, you have to admit, those pens were pretty cool. The drives that ranged from Fort Collins to Pueblo and Sterling to Delta just to see you compete in all of those dang games. And when you’re as good as Raptor Nation, there are a lot of games.

And, who could forget one of the most important things of all? The introduction of “Day of Champions” and Unified Sports. During my first year, you worked so hard to bring the vision of the “Day of Champions” to life and volunteered to have a big field day with our student with disabilities. Those were some amazing kickball games!!!! In 2015 you opened up your hearts to supporting our students with disabilities and participating in Unified Sports. Those two programs show just how special you are Silver Creek.

When I came to Silver Creek, one of my major ambitions was to make memories. Hopefully I’ve made as many memories for you as you have for me.

And 4,293 tweets later, thank you for teaching me Twitter. It has allowed me the opportunity to show the world just how special you are. Maybe my next venture will be Instagram, Snap Chat, or Facebook.

Students, a few things that I wish to leave you with.

Love and support each other. Quality schools and quality programs are defined by a positive culture that supports one another. Take the time to support your fellow classmates and teammates. Grab some friends and go to an event that you’ve never been to before…take in a play, a swim meet, a basketball game, etc. Take the time to meet new people. Don’t let kids sit by themselves at lunch. You are the foundation for what makes Silver Creek such a special place so take care of each other.

Hug your parents more often than not and let them know how much they mean to you. They truly love you and will support you through thick and thin. Don’t ever let them forget how much you appreciate them.

Thank your coaches. They really want what’s best for you and want you to be successful. There will be times when you think they don’t like you or think that you aren’t good enough but they do and you are. You just have to trust the process and continue to work. I once had coaches that I thought were against me as a high schooler. As a 44 year-old, those are the same coaches that I lean on today for important advice and guidance.

Introduce yourself to a custodian. Ray, Yolanda, Luis, Benny, Jane, and James love you immensely. They want to make sure that you have the absolute best school around. Take your time to say “hi”, ask them how their days are going, and get to know them. They are some of the most special people that I’ve come across in my 5 years at Silver Creek.

And lastly, remember that I love you all. The last 5 years have been some of the best, and it’s all because of each and every one of you. Seeing hundreds of games, concerts, plays, and other performances has been an absolute pleasure and a highlight of my life. You’re all special individuals with tons of talent. I’ll never forget all the amazing interactions that we’ve had with each other. As I always tell people, “You should’ve been a Raptor.” So many wonderful memories that I can’t all name. Thank you Raptors!!!